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CMC Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum was conceived as a place where students and faculty could gather for intellectual discourse in an intimate and relaxed setting and integrate their academic and social lives. While events are primarily for students, the Athenaeum hosts lunches, dinners, and receptions for academic classes, student organizations, and official functions of the College.

"Our Turbulent Economy: How Did We Get Here and How Do We Move Forward?",Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gregory Hess, vice president for academic affairs, Dean of Faculty, James G. Boswell Professor of Economics, George R. Roberts Fellow, CMC; editor, forthcoming Guns and Butter and co-author, Where Have All the Heroes Gone? A Self-Interested, Economic Theory of Heroism (2008); S. Brock Blomberg P'13, Dean, Robert Day School of Economics and Finance; Peter K. Barker '70 professor of economics and George R. Roberts Fellow, CMC; co-author, Terrorism and the Economics of Trust (2011) and On the Duration and Sustainability of Transnational Terrorist Organizations (2010); Manfred Keil, associate professor of economics, CMC; co-author, forthcoming: Measures of Financial Openness and How to Apply Them to International Political Economy and Research and Minimum Wages and Employment (2001); Marc Martos-Vila, visiting assistant professor of economics, CMC; "Our Turbulent Economy: How Did We Get Here and How Do We Move Forward?"